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Second-Look Is Industry’s Most Recognized Recycling Program PDF Print E-mail
Written by Janice Hoffman   
Thursday, 05 September 2013 14:44

 Second-Look is the first and most recognized recycling program for post-consumer vinyl wallcovering. Second-Look has won seven industry awards:

• Innovations Award from Architectural Products magazine 
• Gold Award for Most Sustainable Product from IIDEX/NeoCon Canada
• Symposium Distinction Award for Sustainability from the Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo
• Grand Prize for Environmental Solutions in Building magazine’s Innovations Competition
• Architectural Record Editor’s Choice Award for a Top Innovation of the Year 
• Interiors & Sources Editor’s Choice for Top Products of the Year
• Gold Award for Sustainability from Invest-Hotel International Exposition Poland

A comprehensive sustainable solution, Second-Look includes a retrieval program that reclaims used vinyl wallcovering made by any manufacturer and transforms it into new patterns with a minimum of 20% total recycled content and at least 10% post-consumer. The wallcoverings are certified to NSF/ANSI 342, are low-VOC, last for 10+ years and can be repeatedly recycled to divert them from landfills for decades.

“Designers and facility managers can enjoy the long life cycle of vinyl wallcoverings and divert them from the landfill almost indefinitely,” said Beth Rich, LSI Wallcovering Marketing Director. “Second-Look Recycled Wallcovering has the long-term, high-performance of vinyl and can be recycled repeatedly to keep them out of the landfill for decades.”

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Versa Offers New Type of Flexible Wall Protection PDF Print E-mail
Written by Janice Hoffman   
Thursday, 26 January 2012 12:06

Versa Wallcovering has developed VersaGuard™, a new flexible wall protection that is more durable than Type II wallcovering and more affordable than rigid panels.  The heavy duty construction and durable top film make walls practically wearproof.  Engineered to perform in high-traffic corporate, healthcare and educational environments, VersaGuard shields walls from the repeated impact of rolling traffic such as desk chairs, carts, and gurneys. Additionally, the wall protection resists soiling and tough stains such as mustard, ink and iodine. If needed, it can be cleaned with harsh agents such as bleach or rubbing alcohol to maintain a new-looking surface. 

VersaGuard is made with award-winning Second-Look® Recycled Technology and contains 20% recycled content including a minimum of 10% post-consumer.  The wall protection is low-VOC and meets California 01350 for low-emitting materials.  VersaGuard has a long life cycle even in extreme applications and will project a clean, attractive appearance for years. 

“VersaGuard is a new solution for specifiers looking for a durable, cleanable and affordable wall surface,” said Beth Rich, Versa Marketing Director.  “Options were previously limited as Type II did not always perform against heavy wall abuse and tough stains.  And rigid panels are costly, only available in 4’x8’ sheets, and are not aesthetically pleasing.”  

VersaGuard is available in 12 colors of Panama Linen, a top-selling Versa design that projects a realistic linen appearance.  The wide color palette suits applications in corporate, healthcare, education, hospitality and more.  Custom designs also are available.

More on VersaGuard:

  • Flexible wall protection, Type III, 54” wide, sold by the lineal yard. 
  • Made with Second-Look® Recycled Technology with 20% total recycled content by weight including 10% post-consumer. 
  • 32oz. with Drill (poly/cotton) backing that enhances durability and tear resistance. 
  • Meets CA01350 and CHPS requirements for low VOC materials. Certificate is available. 
  • Enhanced cleanable top film repels even the toughest stains such as iodine, mustard and permanent marker.  Many stains can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • Can be cleaned with harsh cleaners such as bleach and rubbing alcohol, making it perfect for healthcare facilities concerned with infection control. 
  • Installed the same as regular wallcoverings. No special installation is required. 
  • Abrasion resistant for enhanced protection from desk chairs, carts, wheelchairs, gurneys, etc. 
  • Stocked in 12 colors of Panama Linen.  Customs are available.


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Second-Look Covers Freight to Reclaim Wallcovering PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 22 December 2008 09:32

LSI Wallcovering, providers of Second-Look Recycled Wallcovering, announced it will pick up freight costs to bring used vinyl wallcovering back to its recycling center in New Castle, Indiana.

The Louisville-based wallcovering manufacturer made the move to ensure that rising fuel costs don’t discourage specifiers from recycling wallcovering. Second-Look accepts all makes of vinyl wallcovering and covers freight from any location in the continental U.S. and Canada. Second-Look is the first program to recycle post-consumer vinyl wallcovering and has diverted hundreds of thousands of pounds from the landfill since it began operations in 2005.

The free freight program is available on any size project, large or small, with an order for replacement wallcovering. LSI estimates the savings for a California customer to return 2,000 yards is approximately $1,000 to $1,500, depending on freight discounts. In addition, customers recapture hauling and landfill fees. LSI also offers collection boxes to design firms to reclaim vinyl wallcovering samples free of charge.

 “With shipping costs on the rise, we want to remove barriers to recycling and ensure a good stream of post-consumer material for our Second-Look program,” said Beth Rich, Director of Brand Management. “Freight costs to reclaim wallcovering are a small part of an overall project, but nevertheless we don’t want specifiers or end-users to be deterred by additional costs.”  

Award-winning Second-Look has been recognized with the Most Sustainable Gold Product Award from IIDEX/NeoCon Canada, the Most Sustainable Award from the Healthcare Facilities Symposium, the Innovations Environmental Grand Prize, and Editor’s Choice Awards from Architectural Record and Interiors & Sources. The program reclaims used vinyl wallcovering and recycles it into new Second-Look designs with 20% recycled content, including a minimum of 10% post-consumer. The recycled wallcoverings are Type II, 52”/54”, 20-ounce vinyl that are low-VOC and use water-based inks and adhesives.